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Money, Money, Money: 10 Books That Help Kids Learn Early

These books will help introduce the basic concepts of earning, spending, budgeting and saving to your little one.

Herstory: 50 Inspiring Kids’ Books for Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is not only a time to reflect on the past – the accomplishments of the brilliant women who have come before us to forge new paths – but also a time to assess where we are today and inspire future generations to dream big and dare even bigger. I want to empower… View Article

All Things Printed & Recorded: Puzzles Rise to the Challenge

We’ve exercised our brain to bring you some fascinating info about puzzles.

Mystery Books That Are Book Mysteries

“What a wonderful setting for an unsolvable murder!”

Let’s do the Time Loop Again

Get stuck in a time loop with these books and movies. Get stuck in a…hey, wait a minute!?

All Things Printed & Recorded: Readers Flip for Magazines

We’re covering a product that’s been a mainstay at HPB since we first opened: magazines.