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Have Books, Will Travel: To The Emerald Isle

This month we take you to the Emerald Isle with novels that feature the historic country’s lush setting and plots that are sure to keep your interest until the next pint arrives!

Have Books, Will Travel: Through African-American History

In this edition of Have Books, Will Travel, we present books that capture that history; depicting what it means to endure the trial and triumph, pain and promise, heartache and hope that is commonly found in the stoic African-American experience.

The Inside Story: The Day of the Triffids

In this blog series, HPB Buy Guy Steve Leach takes a closer look at the unique curiosities that we see in our stores. Some years back, HPB got the opportunity to make an offer on 100,000 books from the Penguin Publishing archives warehouse in Bristol, England. The huge shipment of acquired books certainly cramped our… View Article

Have Books, Will Travel: To The Future!

In celebration of the new year, let’s travel to the future, booklovers!

Have Books, Will Travel: To The North Pole, With Love

‘Tis the season of cheesy Christmas romance! In honor of that we bring you a holly jolly list of romance novels set in the season of joy and peace!

Have Books, Will Travel: From Fable to Table

The holidays are just around the bend, which means meals. Plain and simple. In honor of that, we bring you a list of Aesop’s fables made famous for their mention of food!

Have Books, Will Travel: To Hell & Back

Halloween is upon us, and we’ve got just the thing! This edition of Have Books, Will Travel? To Hell & Back.

The Kids are Alright: Teen Picks for Teen Read Week

Check out what our teen booklovers nationwide had to say about the best books they read this summer!

Have Books, Will Travel- Autumn In New York

In this edition of Have Books, Will Travel, we take a look at a few good books set in the Big Apple!

Have Books Will Travel: College Tour!

Brace yourself. We’re going to say it. The end of summer is upon us. As the fall semester makes its swift approach, and college tours come to an end, it’s high time that you start thinking about books. Not that we ever stop thinking about books around here, but if you’ll be taking in the… View Article