If You Liked Maid, You May Also Like…

If you are part of the HPB Book Club, you are currently reading (or perhaps just finished) Maid, by Stephanie Land, a beautiful and gritty exploration of poverty in America. Putting her dreams of college on hold to have a child, Land finds herself homeless and alone. Navigating government assistance and trying to find a way to provide for her daughter, she starts working for a cleaning service. As a maid, Land witnesses the lives of others while feeling invisible herself. This autobiography of Land’s struggle to provide a better life for her daughter, exposes the struggle of the working poor who long to find the American dream while living below the poverty line.

If you (like me) liked Maid, here are a few other books you may like:

1. Educatedby Tara Westover

2. Heartland, by Sarah Smarsh

3. The Glass Castleby Jeannette Walls

4. North of Normalby Cea Sunrise Person

5. Reading with Patrickby Michelle Kuo

So, what will you read next?

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