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Die Hard on a…: Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of Die Hard

Let’s look at the many imitators (some good, some…not so much) of Die Hard.

When Writers Are the Story: Films About Famous Authors

Let’s highlight some notable biographical films about writers.

What’s on the Menu?: Serving up Books & Movies for National Waiters & Waitresses Day

We’re serving up a a six-course meal of waitstaff-centric books, movies and more.

2001: A Reevaluation Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey is a masterpiece. But here’s the thing: masterpieces aren’t for everyone. As the resident sci-fi nerd around here, I was asked to write something about 2001 for its 50th anniversary on April 2. At first, I had no idea what to say. I’ve always had an appreciation for the film, but… View Article

A Celebration of the Quiet Beatle

His talent for playing guitar, singing and composing music made him a legendary contributor to the music scene.

75 Years of Little Golden Books to Treasure: The Poky Little Puppy & Friends

Before the introduction of Little Golden Books in 1942, children’s books normally sold for $2 to $3 each. Given average rates of U.S. inflation, that’s about $28 to $42 in today’s dollars. Purchasing children’s books was a luxury for most families until George Duplaix came on the scene. As president of the Artists and Writers… View Article

AT40 Turns 45: A Look Back at the American Top 40

This Saturday, the United States of America turns 239 years young. What’s a Fourth of July celebration without food, fireworks and a little funky music? Another American institution celebrating its birthday on Independence Day is the American Top 40 radio countdown program. 45 years ago, way back in 1970, legendary DJ Casey Kasem took to… View Article

Thinking of Taking Your Own Unlikely Pilgrimage?

Before taking your own pilgrimage, read The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce and take some notes. Harold Fry has recently retired and is living in a small village in England with his nagging wife, Maureen. One day, he gets a letter from an old coworker, Queenie, who tells him that she’s dying of cancer. Harold immediately… View Article