Book Recs from and for Kids Pre-K and Up!

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Check out a few recommendations with rave reviews for young readers from preschool to high school below. Whether you want the best picture book for your kiddo’s age group or the perfect summer read for your teen, your fellow booklovers have the books for you!


1. The Book with No Pictures

“This book is just the most fun to read aloud to children. They will laugh at every page and be reciting it all the time. Just a great story overall and a fun #summerreading story.”

2. The Magic Tree House

“Great series for new readers! My 5-year-old was ready to move on from picture books to something more challenging, and he has LOVED this series so far!”

3. The Invisible String

“This sweet story explains how our hearts are connected to those we love… (Other people, animals, those who have died) by an invisible string. Right now is a time when we all need to be reminded of

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1. The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

“I read this book to my 7 & 8 year old boys. It was a really easy read, short chapters. Everyone enjoyed it, we often wanted to read one more chapter before putting it down for the night. This book had deep meaning, but written in a way even young children could understand.”

2. Dog Man: Fetch-22

“Great For Kids! I recently purchased this book for my 12 year old son. He loves this series and had this book finished after a few days! Highly recommend!”

3. The Great Brain

“Realistic Fiction. I read this book over the summer and I loved it. I loved all the tricks and plans in this book. If I were to recommend a book to someone who wants a good laugh, this book would be it.”

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1. Blended 

“THIS BOOK IS AMAZING! One of my favorite books! I read it this year, and I just finished 6th grade. It’s about a biracial girl who gets judged for her looks, She live two completely different lives. She has so much going on!”

2. Artemis Fowl

“Must Read, Amazing Sci-Fi Book! Awesome book, loved the story line. Cool sci-fi about a young genius who invents crazy things and is something amazing of a criminal mastermind. Becomes friends with a magical creature, a fairy, and discovers a magical world that he saves. Amazing plot and very well written.”

3. The Report Card

“This was a very FUN book. I loved how Nora shows confidants even when things do not go as planned. She lets people hear her voice. I would recommend this book to kids who like literature, ages 7-12. Finally I rate this book a five star book!!!”

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1. The Hate U Give

“A Beautiful, Eye-opening Read. If you’re looking for a book about self-discovery and something to relate to during this heartbreaking time in our lives filled with oppression. This is the perfect read in the perspective of teenage black girl struggling to find her voice in a time of racial oppression.”

2. Caraval

I absolutely adored this book, Stephanie Garber made a wonderful world of fantasy and mystery. Her characters are outgoing and expressed amazingly. Her setting were so easy to get lost in. This is most definitely a favorite book of mine.”

3. Red Queen

“Work of Art. The whole Red Queen Series is full of twists and turns that you will never expect! Its characters are full of life yet all so different. This book takes you on a journey that you will never forget.”

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