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Join Virtual Meetings with Bookish Backgrounds from HPB!

Half Price Books has gathered a selection of stylish shelves and scenic storefronts to spice up your next conference call! Show your love for your favorite bookstore with these awesome backgrounds.

Introducing: New HPB Exclusive Woodshoppe Items!

The HPB Woodshoppe’s work goes far beyond the store bookshelves that hold your next read. Read on for a look at our new exclusive Woodshoppe items!

Celebrating Booksgiving Day at HPB

2020 marks the eighth year we’ve celebrated Booksgiving Day at HPB, but this year’s celebration is a little different. Read on to learn more!

Best of the Decade: 2000s

This year, our Half Price Books calendar once again features lists of books, movies and music. This month we dive into the decade that arguably changed the way we connect with one another: the 2000s.

Best of the Decade: 1990s

The internet is made available to the public and a wizard kid named Harry takes the reading world by storm. We mosey right on into the next decade with events, books, music and movies that made the 1990s memorable.

Best of the Decade: 1980s

We head back to the 1980s when the keytar was king to bring you a list of rad, and radical, events, books, music and movies!

How to Enter the #RequiredReading Daily Giveaway

Review your favorite books for a chance to win a $50 HPB Gift Card from August 10-16!

How to Write a Review for

Did you know you can now leave reviews on your favorite products on Read on to learn how!

Behind the Book: Union by Jordan Blashek & Christopher Haugh

In this Behind the Book, Christopher Haugh and Jordan Blashek tell us about their journey, friendship and what they learned about their country during this difficult time. Read on to discover more about their book, Union, and what they hope readers will take away from it!