A Dog’s-Eye View: HPB Celebrates Take Your Dog to Work Day

Hi there, I’m Sophie. I’m an 8-year old black and tan miniature dachshund who loves books! You might remember me from occasional appearances on the HPB Instagram and HPB Blog. I’m here to talk about the best day of the year, Take Your Dog to Work Day, which is happening today, Friday, June 24th.

Since my dad works at Half Price Books, every day is Take Your Dog to Work Day! Okay, so he doesn’t bring me everyday, but I do get to explore all the books from time to time. So many smells!

Luckily, Dad brought me to work today, so I get to wander around the big bookstore. I think they call it…Flagship? Seems like a weird name to me, but they have dog treats, so I’m not complaining.

Alrighty, let’s get the day started! What can I do to help? Greet customers, take books back to their shelves…I’m ready to work!

Wait, what’s this? A desk! No, Dad, I’m bored!
Okay, so now there’s a meeting. Tell me how to be safe in the store. I’m all ears! Dad, can we go shopping now? Pretty please?
This book sounds great. Do I qualify for the employee discount?
So many books to explore! I just wish I could see the ones on the top shelf. Or even the second shelf!
Okay, so these little legs can only go so far before getting tired! Just leave me in the Canine Fiction section. Wait…what do you mean there isn’t a Canine Fiction section?

Half Price Books hopes you are enjoying Take Your Dog To Work Day, and remember that most Half Price Books stores are dog-friendly. If you don’t have a dog to take to work, consider adopting from your local animal shelter.