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A Book List to Inspire Young Readers In Challenging Times

While we don’t have all of the answers, we have hope; and we’ve compiled a list of books to share with young readers to help initiate conversations about race relations in America as well as instill confidence and love when those conversations are difficult.

How to Enter the #SummerReading Daily Giveaway

Review your favorite books for a chance to win a $50 HPB Gift Card from June 1-14, 2020!

23 Must-Read Books for Fans of High Fantasy, Twilight, D&D and More!

Dragons, magic, rabbit holes, medieval battles and vampires, OH MY! Check out some of the fantasy novels booklovers are recommending on

Best of the Decade: 1950s

Charlie Brown causes a cute commotion in newspapers nationwide and Rosa Parks’ choice to remain seated makes a major statement. Read on for some important events as well as the books, music and movies that shaped society in the 1950s.

Best of the Decade: 1940s

Bugs Bunny debuts and Jackie Robinson’s career breaks barriers in the world of baseball. But that’s not all that happened. Check out the other life changing events, including releases of books, music and movies, that occurred in the 1940s!

Behind the Book: How to Walk Away by Katherine Center

“Almost as soon as I knew that I was going to write a story about a plane crash, I knew that I would have to go up in a plane.”


Check out some of the books that our customers have been reading during their quarantine!


We’ve compiled a list of books that have earned five star ratings from our customers, making them the ever-coveted “Must Read”!

Half Price Books Presents- A Q&A with Veronica Roth

We asked bestselling author Veronica Roth some of your most burning questions. Check out what she had to say and what she is working on next!