Our Green Initiative

At Half Price Books, helping the environment is part of our daily business. We reuse, recycle and resell resources in our continuous effort to keep books and other entertainment in circulation and out of landfills, but our environmental philosophy doesn’t end there. We also do a number of other things to help keep our environment green.


We promote the sustainable message that books should fill our lives, not our land. When it comes to protecting the environment, you can find plenty of information about how you can help promote eco-friendly practices on the sustainable shelves of the Science & Nature section at your local Half Price Books store.


All Half Price Books stores go the extra mile to make sure recyclable material is used whenever possible, including in all marketing material, office supplies, gift cards—even in the carpeting.


You may already know that we reuse the books, movies and other items you sell to us on a regular basis, but we also donate overstock inventory to nonprofit agencies around the world. When you sell to Half Price Books, rest assured that your merchandise will have a well-extended life with a new owner, whether it’s found on our shelves, on the HPB Marketplace or in the hands of children at your local library.

Our Philosophy

A healthy environment is vital to our business.

Protection of the environment is a journey, not a destination. Half Price Books began that journey more than 40 years ago and it continues today. We hold ourselves accountable for doing our part to conserve natural resources and we encourage our customers to do the same. After all, being mindful of our ecological footprint not only benefits the environment…well, it just makes good business sense.