Fill your shelves to the brim with books coordinated by color, theme, even size.
Starting at $50 per yard. Visit your local HPB store or order online today.

Pick Your Books

Looking for books to make your office look legit? Staging a library in a mid-century modern home? Over the moon about the color blue? Books By The Yard help create a unique atmosphere.

Pick Your Amount

Our rule of thumb is pretty simple: Measure your display space (in feet), divide your measurement by three and order your box/boxes of books based on that number.

Place Your Order

Find your perfect pre-arranged box of books below or call us at 800-883-2114 to customize your order and we’ll take care of the rest!

  • How many books are in a box of Books By The Yard?

    Each box of Books By The Yard contains approximately three linear feet of books. Because of the differences in sizes of various book formats, it is impossible to estimate the exact number of books per box. In order to keep the price low and competitive, we are unable to offer any customization of color, size or title. Not only do we screen our books for quality, but also for content in order to avoid offensive content.

  • How can I tell how many books I need for my space?

    Our rule of thumb is: Measure the amount of display space you would like to decorate with books. Take the number of linear feet and divide by three. This will give you the approximate number of boxes of Books By The Yard that you will need. Due to variation in book sizes, this measurement may vary slightly, so keep in mind that you may need to order an extra box to cover your space.

  • When will you process my Books By The Yard order?

    In most cases, we are able to ship orders within one to two business days. If you have questions about your order, please call our toll free Customer Care line at 800-883-2114.

  • What types of books are in a box of Books By The Yard?

    Categories of books available are: Mixed Hardbacks, Reader's Digest, Law Books, Reference Books, Vintage Binding, and Made to Order.

    Reference are mostly encyclopedia volumes, mostly taller in format, these will be in dark and neutral colors, like brown, black and burgundy. These provide a nice "faux antique" look and give a variety in sight lines. Mixed Books are a more contemporary look, mostly fiction. We do screen these for content as well as quality. The sizes and heights will vary, these are usually smaller than the Reference or Law Books. Law books create the ambiance of a legal office, not unlike the lawyer's offices seen on TV. They are very conservative looking, mostly made from "Federal Register" law books, along with other books in the neutral colors.

  • Can I order if I'm not a business or interior design professional?

    Yes, Books By The Yard is available to all individuals across the Continental United States.

  • What does Books By The Yard "Made to Order" mean?

    If you don't see what you're looking for in our category selections, we can customize an order just for your decorating or display needs. Call or email and let us know what you have in mind and we'll prepare an estimate for your bespoke or "Made to Order" Books By The Yard.