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HPB Calendar

Our calendar features books, movies and music grouped together in weird, unexpected ways. You might even call them Totally Random Lists, which is what we did because, well, we had to put something on the front cover. We like the lists so much, we share them here on the blog throughout the year.

Best of the Decade: 1980s

We head back to the 1980s when the keytar was king to bring you a list of rad, and radical, events, books, music and movies!

Best of the Decade: 1970s

Half Price Books makes its debut! …along with Earth Day, Apple and Star Wars. This month, we bring you the bevy of fascinating events, books, music and movies that increased the far out factor during the 1970s.

Best of the Decade: 1930s

Superman swoops in to save the day and we showcase a slew of other things that captured the hearts, and bookshelves, of the nation in the 1930s!

Totally Random Lists 2019: Home Sweet Home

Home is definitely where the heart is, and there’s plenty of domestic bliss to be found on the list below.

Totally Random Lists: Playing Hardball

If you’re a sports fan, it’s not enough to just play or watch sports. You also want to read, watch and listen to sport-related material. In other words, you want to check out this list!

Totally Random Lists: All About the Benjamins

Some say money makes the world go ’round. Some say the love of it is the root of all evil. Either way storytellers have a lot to say on how it affects us. One thing’s certain: diving into this list won’t cost you too much!

Totally Random Lists: First Name Basis

It’s pretty simple. When you write a book or make a movie about a person, often the best title is just the name of the person. And sometimes the first name is enough, which sort of makes these books, movies and albums feel like good friends. Friends who live on your shelves. BOOKSEmma, Jane AustenHeidi,… View Article

Totally Random Lists: Twinsies!

When you’re born with an identical partner in crime, there’s plenty of drama and comedy ahead. But the truth is two are often better than one—for double the fun or double the trouble. Check out our list of twin-centric titles, including albums by bands with twins in their lineups.

Totally Random Lists: State Your Name

You could be living in your own private Idaho, or in a New York state of mind. Either way, the states in the U.S. of A. have inspired a lot of unforgettable entertainment. No need to break out an atlas—these state-named works will let you explore the country without leaving your armchair.  BOOKSFlorida, Lauren GroffTexas,… View Article

Totally Random Lists: Leading Ladies

We’re taking a page from herstory to discover the plucky girls and uncommon ladies at the center of our favorite stories and music. Heartfelt or heroic, each featured female embodies the complex nature of women in a way that’s both memorable and inspirational. BOOKSLittle Women, Louisa May AlcottSalvage the Bones, Jesmyn WardAmericanah, Chimamanda Ngozi AdichieThe… View Article