HPB Booklovers ❤️ Teachers

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, and here at HPB we think that’s cause for celebration! It takes a special person to be an educator, and we just want to say thank you to all the wonderful teachers out there. Last year we asked our customers to share stories about their favorite teachers, and we wanted to share a few of our favorites with you!

Ms. Robertson

Ms. Robertson has a genuine love for ALL children. [She] is innovative, creative, compassionate and caring. She believes all children can learn and treats the children fairly. She is a wonderful teacher but she is also a wonderful person in general!

-Jerri D.

Ms. Seabrook

Ms. Seabrook always goes out of her way to make each and every one of her students feel valued and special. She works overtime to create fun and interactive math lessons for her students to help them learn while having fun. She mentors former students to help them stay focused on school until they leave the campus.

-Becky M.

Ms. Howe

Ms. Howe is one of the most compassionate teachers I had the pleasure to work with. Many parents request to have their child placed in her classroom because of her ability to connect with her students. They are not just students but a person who deserves to be known. Her heart is in her job over 100%.

-Theresa W.L.

Mrs. Sego

Mrs. Sego has the ability to connect with her kindergarten students in such a special way, even during this challenging year with virtual learning. She is the perfect balance of everything you want in a teacher including kindness, patience, warmth, professionalism and fun! Her ability to project it all through a computer screen plus keep her young students engaged and on task is incredible!

-Kristina S.

Mr. Gaab

He makes connections with his students by being honest and authentic. He is an amazing math teacher. He loves puns and likes to bring humor into his lessons. He also loves to memorize all student names by the end of the first day of school. He is deserving of recognition!

-Susan Z.

Ms. Green     

Ms. Green really cares about her special needs kids. She knows and SHOWS that being different doesn’t mean you’re less than. She is always so kind and patient with her students and truly wants them to learn and grow. My son loves her and has learned a ton since starting first grade in August.

– Frances M.

Ms. Dotson    

Ms. Dotson inspires hope, ignite the imagination, and instills a love of learning. She challenges young minds to be the best that they can be. This is why she is a very special teacher.

– Emma W.

Mrs. Seitter

Mrs. Seitter goes way above and beyond for her kids. Even when things were crazy last spring, she stayed in touch with all of them online and even mailed them little gifts to their homes to share with each other during zoom meetings. She continues to provide the same support this year, teaching her students in person and online.

– Dale S.

Mrs. Cain       

Mrs. Cain has worked in education for many years and is currently my daughter’s 6th grade reading teacher. Before Mrs. Cain, my daughter was only interested in reading graphic novels. Now, she’s bringing home books she never would have tried before. She’s engaged and has found a new love for reading. Thank you, Mrs. Cain!

-Alicia B.

Ms. Appel      

Ms. Appel works hard to connect with her elementary students – she knows teaching is more than just communicating facts and imparting knowledge. She knows teaching kids how to be good, genuine, caring people is important. She celebrates when her students succeed and fights hard for them when they don’t. She knows how important it is for her students to have someone believe in them.

– The Bauer Family

Have a teacher who is near and dear to your heart? Share with us in the comments below!