How to Enter the #SpringPicks Daily Giveaway

Did you know you can now leave reviews on your favorite products on Review your favorite books between April 5-11 at for a chance to win one of three $100 HPB Gift Cards.

Ready to enter the giveaway? Follow the steps below to enter.

1. Read a book

2. Go to and find the title you read

3. Click the “Write a Review” link

4. Make sure to include the #SpringPicks Hashtag

5. Write reviews daily for more chances to win!

Restrictions apply. See details.

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  • I don’t know what this comment is for but I love half price books! I swear I go at least once a week and buy a poetry book. I love scouring the shelves to find super old books!

    • It’s a weekly ritual to go to 3 different Half Price Books in Austin here, sometimes 4 if I’m feeling really adventurous 😅

  • I’m a huge fan of the Miss Perigrine’s Home for Peculiar Children books! I honestly felt like I was sucked into the worlds inside these books! I recommend them to everyone. I should read them again. They were soooo good and I couldn’t put them down. #springpicks

  • Some of the books do not have a link to write a review. Is there another place to look for it?


    • I know what you mean. I periodically check to post my Manga reviews here and it seems like the majority of my manga don’t have a review option.

    • All the books I’ve looked up do not have the option to leave a review. Very disheartening! I can’t enter the contest if I can’t leave a review. 🙁

      • I asked customer support for help posting my review, and received this reply: “Unfortunately due to system limitations at this time we are unable to offer the option to review all the items in’s catalog.” I hope they plan to unlimit the system soon.

  • If you haven’t yet read the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, you’re missing out! These “genreless” books have it all: romance (including intimate scenes that don’t make you want to shower after reading!) adventure, battles, history, time travel, a strong female lead and the most beautiful prose I’ve ever read (and I read EVERYTHING!) Start with Outlander. If you can read it and NOT fall in love with these books, let me know! #springpicks

    • I read “Outlander” many years ago, on the recommendation of a friend & co-worker. I found it “exhausting”. The main female character drove me crazy- People who do NOT listen to the “experts”, AKA the people who live in that time line, & get into trouble time & time again are beyond idiotic. I’d rather read some thing that has more “logic”, or at least more “logical” characters.

      • Hahaha! I liked the general premise, but the author was so sadistic to all her characters, that I just hated the books after awhile.

    • Couldn’t agree more. The entire series sustained me throughout lockdown 2020. Now waiting for “Tell the Bees That I Am Gone” with bated breath!!!

  • reading Black beauty to grand daughter and what inspires a child to love animals more than this book? She asked, do horses really think, grandma? I want a horse like that? Will you get me a black horse with a mark on its face? #spring picks

  • A Discovery of Witches is the best book ever! The fascinating introduction to a world of magic. The first in the wonderful All Souls Universe trilogy, it grabbed my complete attention the minute I started reading. All three of the trilogy books were simply wonderful, all combination of love, mystery, history and devotion. They are so good, that I go back and reread the series every year. I heartily recommend them. #SpingPicks

    • You are right – excellent series! Unfortunately, the TV series is not nearly as interesting. I like your comment and I loved the books.

  • I used to buy the New York Times Sunday Crosswords books for years. Half-Price Books doesn’t have them any longer. I went from paying about $5 to paying $14 through another retailer.

  • I do like your note cards and stationery products. Yes, I am rather old-fashioned in that I prefer a note to social media. I’ve bought lots of lovely note cards at Half-Price Books.

  • The gift of reading is something that was encouraged and greatly valued in my family. A Christmas tradition of ours is to listen to my father read The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson through the month of December up until Christmas Day. Due to Covid, the evening readings of this Christmas classic was done virtually though Marco Polo. Because of many years of love, the copy my family had was basically falling apart. I tried looking online for the same copy we had grown up with, but couldn’t find one.

    Over Christmas break, a friend of mine introduced me to Half Priced Books. I was so impressed by the inventory, quality and prices. As we browsed the store, I mentioned the fact that my families copy of this book was falling apart and it would be awesome if they had it. Seconds later, faced out on display, was a PRISTINE copy of The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever with the original 1972 cover. Forever thankful to Half Priced Books for allowing our family to continue this beloved tradition!

  • I have a few books from 1/2 price,just got a new stephen king book to add to my collection,loved guys are great,thank-you.

  • I have a few books from 1/2 price,got a new stephen king,loved it,thank-you #SpringPicks

  • i absolutely love half price books & the book i absolutely love is the diary of anne frank. i feel like that book will always remain a classic and it is especially great for what is happening in today’s world. To anybody who is reading this, if you do not already own the diary of anne frank, go get it! And i really hope you guys pick me so i could read even more great stories. Especially because i’m about to move out & need to fill my house with great books #SpringPicks

  • Can we review one book per day until April 11th?
    Or more than one review per day? The guidelines for the giveaway says review daily for more entries… How many books can we review per day?
    Thanks for the chance! Awesome giveaway!

  • I just read the book, Osterville Sewing Circle. I would highly recommend this, it has a story within a story.Its about how you shouldn’t keep secrets, and this group becomes a safe place for women who are in a bad relationship. The way its written is very touching,