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Mother May I? A Random Wish List for the Month of May

We’ve compiled a list you can find at HPB that correlates with the famous children’s game, Mother May I?

Our Favorite Reads for Spring 2019

Spring means warmer weather, cool breezes, flowers and sunshine. Thankfully for our bookloving friends, it also includes some seriously exciting new books. We’ll see the release of many books worthwhile to devour while sprawled out in the sunshine. If you’re looking forward to some spring reads, read on for 8 books to carry you from… View Article

Totally Random Lists: Take the Fifth

Five is a mystical number representing balance and the five senses. We’re not saying a writer’s fifth novel, a director’s fifth feature or a band’s fifth album is automatically great because of this, but judging by our list, we just might be onto something. BOOKSBeloved, Toni MorrisonNorwegian Wood, Haruki MurakamiAs I Lay Dying, William FaulknerBlood… View Article

Totally Random Lists 2019: Double Whammy

Grab your favorite plus-one and check out our favorite co-authored books, co-directed movies and musical collaborations.

Totally Random Lists 2019: How ‘Bout Them Apples?

This year, our calendar features books, movies and music grouped together in unexpected ways. Here’s a bushel of titles to keep the doctor away.

The Revolution Will Be Written: A New Class of Contemporary African-American Authors

From medicine to the arts and all areas in between, African Americans have contributed to the distinct fabric of the United States of America. The culture’s significance has been nationally celebrated during the month of February since its inception in 1970, however, its impact on literature alone could easily span a complete calendar year.

Perfect Reads for Your Relationship Status

Check out this list of books to suit your relationship status.