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Best of the Decade: 1950s

Charlie Brown causes a cute commotion in newspapers nationwide and Rosa Parks’ choice to remain seated makes a major statement. Read on for some important events as well as the books, music and movies that shaped society in the 1950s.

Best of the Decade: 1940s

Bugs Bunny debuts and Jackie Robinson’s career breaks barriers in the world of baseball. But that’s not all that happened. Check out the other life changing events, including releases of books, music and movies, that occurred in the 1940s!


We’ve compiled a list of books that have earned five star ratings from our customers, making them the ever-coveted “Must Read”!

Helpful Resources for Our Homebound Booklovers

Running out of ideas for things to do or read while stuck at home? We have you covered!

Best of the Decade: 1930s

Superman swoops in to save the day and we showcase a slew of other things that captured the hearts, and bookshelves, of the nation in the 1930s!

Best of the Decade: 1920s

Get a good look at the grandstanding books, music and movies from the decade that left dancers flapping in the wind…see what we did there? You guessed it. It’s the 1920s!

29 Short Books to Read on Leap Day

2020 is a leap year, which means this February we get one extra day to read. If you’ve ever wanted to up your book reading from say, fifty a year to seventy-nine, then this list is just for you.