Back to School + Ripping Out Textbook Pages

Hey stoods and profs: We’re talking to you today. What up? Has anyone coined the term ‘stoods’ for students? I think I need cred for that.

What?! I’m hip!

The start of the Spring Semester always seems like a misnomer. First of all, for many, the first day of the “Spring” Semester means donning a down puffer coat and wellies and trudging back to class in chilly temps or worse, snow and ice.

Speaking of– when is the first snow day!?

Whether you are a student with a whole new schedule or a prof with a new brood of stoods, we hope this semester is a great one.

So, what’s fun about starting back after Winter Break?

1) Having a good excuse to say the word “syllabus.” I mean that’s fun anytime. Say it. Fun right? I didn’t say I liked a syllabus, or that I was able to “keep up” with a syllabus…but I like saying it. Syllabus.

2) You have something to do on the weekdays. I mean really, whether you picked up a winter break job or have just been laying around watching daytime TV, you are ready to go back. You don’t want to admit it, but you are!

3) Buying books. I know, it is stressful, and a ton of money, but you know it has to be done– and nothing feels more back-to-school than waiting in line behind hundreds of your favorite co-eds, only to find out they don’t have the edition you need, and neither does the next bookstore, or the next . . .  But you kids have it easy these days: you can buy textbooks online!

            *SOME people I know (me) didn’t have the interwebs to do their textbook shopping, you lucky stoods, you!

So it’s off to class you go. Don’t you wish every first day of class started like this?

Best of luck to all and now, the countdown to Spring Break begins!

 –Becky (Former Stood)

 P.S. Teachers: obviously you’re just as excited (read: full of dread) as the kids to be returning, so let us help: HPB offers a 10% educator discount! Sign up here and let us take a tiny bit of the edge off. Happy learning, all!